How to Mount an External USB Drive in Debian 10 Linux

If the option to automatically mount USB devices has been disabled, or if the device has been unmounted, you can manually mount it by...

Advanced CentOS 7 Server Configuration – Tips and Tricks

Advanced configuration of the CentOS 7 server This can be a web server, a VPN server, a monitoring server etc. Let's talk about the initial...

Connect PZEM-016 Energy Meter (ModBus) to Home Assistant – part 2 (directly via RS485 to USB dongle)

In the first part, we described how to connect PZEM-016 ModBus energy monitor using RS485 to TTL converter and Wemos D1 mini board using...

DJI Mini 3 (DJI Mini 2s) possible Release Date, Price & Specs Rumours

We expect the DJI Mini 3 to be released very soon, as competition in the up to 250g sector increases and models surpassing the...

How to Install Sudo and Create a Debian 10 Sudo User

Depending on how you installed Debian 10 Buster, sudo may not have been installed by default. This is normal, actually. So first you have...

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