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Connect PZEM-016 Energy Meter (ModBus) to Home Assistant 2022 – part 2 (directly via RS485 to USB dongle)

In the first part, we described how to connect PZEM-016 ModBus energy monitor using RS485 to TTL converter and Wemos D1 mini board using...

Astro – robot, which looks like a hybrid of the Roomba robot vacuum and the Echo Show smart display

Amazon unveiled its most ambitious home product. The company sees the novelty as the quintessence of robotics, artificial intelligence, home security and cloud services...

Connect PZEM-016 Energy Meter (ModBus) to Home Assistant – part 1 (via RS485 to TTL converter using Wemos D1 mini esp8266 and ESPHome)

There are several ways to connect PZEM-016 energy meter (RS485 ModBus output). I will cover each of them. The first way to connect - using...