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My tutorial is going to show you how to connect to Wi-Fi network from the command line on Proxmox 7 hypervisor using wpa_supplicant, which is an implementation of the supplicant component for the WPA protocol. A wpa_supplicant in wireless LAN is client software installed on hypervisor (Debian 11 Bullseye server) that needs to be authenticated in order to join a wireless network.

Please note that you will need to install the wpa_supplicant software before connecting to Wi-Fi, so you need to connect to wired Ethernet first, which is done during Proxmox 7 install. Nobody knows why Proxmox/Debian team doesn’t ship wpa_supplicant on a clean install.

First of all install wireless-tools:

apt install wireless-tools

Run iwconfig command to find the name of your wireless interface:


proxmox 7 wifi techlifetravelIn my example WiFi interface name – wlp2s0

Run the following command to bring up the wireless interface:

ip link set dev wlp2s0 up

Now it’ time to install wpa_supplicant on Debian 11 (Proxmox 7 host):

apt install wpasupplicant

After install run:

wpa_passphrase your-ESSID your-wifi-passphrase | sudo tee -a /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

This command will create a file named wpa_supplicant.conf using the wpa_passphrase utility. File wpa_supplicant.conf is configuration file describing all networks that you want the server to connect to. Run the following command to create this file. Replace ESSID (network name) and Wi-Fi passphrase with your own.

Test your wireless connectivity:

wpa_supplicant -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf -i wlp2s0

To obtain a private IP address from DHCP server, use the following command:

dhclient wlp2s0

Now your WiFi interface has a private IP address, you can check it by following command:

ip addr show wlp2s0

Next you need to edit /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file”

nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

it should looks like:


scan_ssid=1 is important if your AP doesn’t broadcast (hidden) SSID.

If you want to connect to wireless network at boot time, we need to copy the wpa_supplicant.service file.

cp /lib/systemd/system/wpa_supplicant.service /etc/systemd/system/wpa_supplicant.service

Enable wpa_supplicant service to start at boot time:

systemctl enable wpa_supplicant.service

You also need to start dhclient at boot time to obtain a private IP address from your DHCP server. This can be achieved by creating a systemd service unit for dhclient:

nano /etc/systemd/system/dhclient.service

Just copy-paste this text:

Description= DHCP Client

ExecStart=/sbin/dhclient wlp2s0 -v
ExecStop=/sbin/dhclient wlp2s0 -r

Don’t forget to save it by Ctrl-X -> Y -> Enter.

Restart wpa_supplicant service:

systemctl restart wpa_supplicant.service

Restart Debian networking:

systemctl restart networking

I hope this tutorial helped you connect Proxmox 7 (Debian 11) to Wi-Fi network.

Don’t forget, if you want to connect Proxmox web interface (GUI) – you MUST access GUI with https, type httpS:// before server IP (http don’t work) and the port 8006!



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