How to upload insta360 videos to Google Street View

A short tutorial on how to upload your insta360 videos to Google Street View. Open and connect your insta360 mobile app, begin recording the...

Connect PZEM-016 Energy Meter (ModBus) to Home Assistant 2022 – part 2 (directly via RS485 to USB dongle)

In the first part, we described how to connect PZEM-016 ModBus energy monitor using RS485 to TTL converter and Wemos D1 mini board using...

Connect PZEM-016 Energy Meter (ModBus) to Home Assistant – part 1 (via RS485 to TTL converter using Wemos D1 mini esp8266 and ESPHome)

There are several ways to connect PZEM-016 energy meter (RS485 ModBus output). I will cover each of them. The first way to connect - using...

Temperature monitoring with Zabbix and Raspberry Pi via SNMP using DS18B20 sensors

To monitor the temperature I have made a system based on a Raspberry Pi combined with the classic Maxim DS18B20 temperature sensors. My Raspberry...

Raspberry Pi ADS-B Receiver Project (dump1090-mutability with FlightRadar24, FlightAware, Virtual Radar, Planefinder and ADS-B Exchange)

The ADS-B Receiver Project is a set of bash scripts and files which can be used to setup an ADS-B receiver on a Debian...